Discount Calculator

Fill in the initial price and the discount rate, to see the final price, as well as the savings.

Initial price
Discount (%)
Final price

Final = Initial * (1 -
Discount / 100

Discount value = Initial *
Discount / 100

How to calculate sale price?

To calculate the selling price with a discount (as percentage) we multiply the initial price by the fraction, which has in the numerator, the difference one minus the percentage of the discount and in the denominator one hundred.

To calculate the selling price with a discount (as value) we deduct the discount from the initial price.

Final = Initial * (1 - Discount/100)

How to calculate discount?

To calculate the discount price (as percentage), multiply the initial price (the price without the discount) by the discount rate and divide by one hundred.

Saving = Initial * Discount / 100