Paper size in mm, inches and cm.

This tool shows dimensions of papers in millimeters, inches and centimeters. Choose any paper size and any unit length to show the dimensions.




Choose paper size and unit length

B1  paper size in inches


Dimensions of papers

A5 in millimeters A5 in inches A5 in centimeters A4 in millimeters
A4 in inches A4 in centimeters A3 in millimeters A3 in inches
A3 in centimeters A2 in millimeters A2 in inches A2 in centimeters
A1 in millimeters A1 in inches A1 in centimeters A0 in millimeters
A0 in inches A0 in centimeters B5 in millimeters B5 in inches
B5 in centimeters B4 in millimeters B4 in inches B4 in centimeters
B3 in millimeters B3 in inches B3 in centimeters B2 in millimeters
B2 in inches B2 in centimeters B1 in millimeters B1 in inches
B1 in centimeters B0 in millimeters B0 in inches B0 in centimeters