Conversion Square yard to Square kilometer

The square yard is an imperial/US customary (non-metric) unit of area. It is defined as the area of a square with sides of one yard (three feet, thirty-six inches, 0.9144 metres) in length.

This tool converts square yards to square kilometers (yd2 to km2) and vice versa. 1 square yard ≈ 8.36E-7 square kilometers. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.


1 square yards = 8.36E-7 square kilometers


Formula square yards in square kilometers (yd2 in km2). Square kilometers ≈ square yards*8.36E-7


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Table yd2 to km2
1 yd2 = 8.36E-7 km2 11 yd2 = 9.2E-6 km2 21 yd2 = 1.756E-5 km2
2 yd2 = 1.672E-6 km2 12 yd2 = 1.003E-5 km2 22 yd2 = 1.839E-5 km2
3 yd2 = 2.508E-6 km2 13 yd2 = 1.087E-5 km2 23 yd2 = 1.923E-5 km2
4 yd2 = 3.345E-6 km2 14 yd2 = 1.171E-5 km2 24 yd2 = 2.007E-5 km2
5 yd2 = 4.181E-6 km2 15 yd2 = 1.254E-5 km2 25 yd2 = 2.09E-5 km2
6 yd2 = 5.017E-6 km2 16 yd2 = 1.338E-5 km2 26 yd2 = 2.174E-5 km2
7 yd2 = 5.853E-6 km2 17 yd2 = 1.421E-5 km2 27 yd2 = 2.258E-5 km2
8 yd2 = 6.689E-6 km2 18 yd2 = 1.505E-5 km2 28 yd2 = 2.341E-5 km2
9 yd2 = 7.525E-6 km2 19 yd2 = 1.589E-5 km2 29 yd2 = 2.425E-5 km2
10 yd2 = 8.36E-6 km2 20 yd2 = 1.672E-5 km2 30 yd2 = 2.508E-5 km2
40 yd2 = 3.345E-5 km2 70 yd2 = 5.853E-5 km2 100 yd2 = 8.361E-5 km2
50 yd2 = 4.181E-5 km2 80 yd2 = 6.689E-5 km2 110 yd2 = 9.2E-5 km2
60 yd2 = 5.017E-5 km2 90 yd2 = 7.525E-5 km2 120 yd2 = 0.0001003 km2
200 yd2 = 0.0001672 km2500 yd2 = 0.0004181 km2800 yd2 = 0.0006689 km2
300 yd2 = 0.0002508 km2600 yd2 = 0.0005017 km2900 yd2 = 0.0007525 km2
400 yd2 = 0.0003345 km2700 yd2 = 0.0005853 km21000 yd2 = 0.0008361 km2


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