Conversion Byte to Megabyte

The byte (symbol B) is a unit of digital storage in computing and telecommunications that consists of eight bits.

This tool converts bytes to megabytes (b to mb) and vice versa. 1 byte ≈ 9.537E-7 megabytes. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 bytes = 9.537E-7 megabytes


Formula bytes in megabytes (b in mb). Mb ≈ byte*9.537E-7


Conversions bytes to other units

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Table bytes to megabytes
1 b = 9.537E-7 mb11 b = 1.049E-5 mb21 b = 2.003E-5 mb
2 b = 1.907E-6 mb12 b = 1.144E-5 mb22 b = 2.098E-5 mb
3 b = 2.861E-6 mb13 b = 1.24E-5 mb23 b = 2.193E-5 mb
4 b = 3.815E-6 mb14 b = 1.335E-5 mb24 b = 2.289E-5 mb
5 b = 4.768E-6 mb15 b = 1.431E-5 mb25 b = 2.384E-5 mb
6 b = 5.722E-6 mb16 b = 1.526E-5 mb26 b = 2.48E-5 mb
7 b = 6.676E-6 mb17 b = 1.621E-5 mb27 b = 2.575E-5 mb
8 b = 7.629E-6 mb18 b = 1.717E-5 mb28 b = 2.67E-5 mb
9 b = 8.583E-6 mb19 b = 1.812E-5 mb29 b = 2.766E-5 mb
10 b = 9.537E-6 mb20 b = 1.907E-5 mb30 b = 2.861E-5 mb
40 b = 3.815E-5 mb70 b = 6.676E-5 mb100 b = 9.537E-5 mb
50 b = 4.768E-5 mb80 b = 7.629E-5 mb110 b = 0.0001049 mb
60 b = 5.722E-5 mb90 b = 8.583E-5 mb120 b = 0.0001144 mb
200 b = 0.0001907 mb500 b = 0.0004768 mb800 b = 0.0007629 mb
300 b = 0.0002861 mb600 b = 0.0005722 mb900 b = 0.0008583 mb
400 b = 0.0003815 mb700 b = 0.0006676 mb1000 b = 0.0009537 mb


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