Conversion Gigabyte to Kilobit

The gigabyte (symbol GB) is a multiple of the unit byte for digital storage and is equivalent to 1073741824 bytes(230) or 1024 megabytes.

This tool converts gigabytes to kilobit (gb to kbit) and vice versa. 1 gigabyte = 8388608 kilobit. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 gigabytes = 8388608 kilobit


Formula gigabytes in kilobit (gb in kbit). Kbit = gb*8388608


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Table gigabytes to kilobits
1 gb = 8388608 kbit11 gb = 92274688 kbit21 gb = 176160768 kbit
2 gb = 16777216 kbit12 gb = 100663296 kbit22 gb = 184549376 kbit
3 gb = 25165824 kbit13 gb = 109051904 kbit23 gb = 192937984 kbit
4 gb = 33554432 kbit14 gb = 117440512 kbit24 gb = 201326592 kbit
5 gb = 41943040 kbit15 gb = 125829120 kbit25 gb = 209715200 kbit
6 gb = 50331648 kbit16 gb = 134217728 kbit26 gb = 218103808 kbit
7 gb = 58720256 kbit17 gb = 142606336 kbit27 gb = 226492416 kbit
8 gb = 67108864 kbit18 gb = 150994944 kbit28 gb = 234881024 kbit
9 gb = 75497472 kbit19 gb = 159383552 kbit29 gb = 243269632 kbit
10 gb = 83886080 kbit20 gb = 167772160 kbit30 gb = 251658240 kbit
40 gb = 335544320 kbit70 gb = 587202560 kbit100 gb = 838860800 kbit
50 gb = 419430400 kbit80 gb = 671088640 kbit110 gb = 922746880 kbit
60 gb = 503316480 kbit90 gb = 754974720 kbit120 gb = 1006632960 kbit
200 gb = 1677721600 kbit500 gb = 4194304000 kbit800 gb = 6710886400 kbit
300 gb = 2516582400 kbit600 gb = 5033164800 kbit900 gb = 7549747200 kbit
400 gb = 3355443200 kbit700 gb = 5872025600 kbit1000 gb = 8388608000 kbit


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