Conversion Terabyte to Kilobyte

The terabyte (symbol TB) is a multiple of the unit byte for digital storage. One terabyte is equivalent to 1024 gigabytes (210).

This tool converts terabytes to kilobytes (tb to kb) and vice versa. 1 terabyte = 1073741824 kilobytes. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 terabytes = 1073741824 kilobytes


Formula terabytes in kilobytes (tb in kb). Kb = tb*1073741824


Conversions terabytes to other units

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Table terabytes to kilobytes
1 tb = 1073741824 kb11 tb = 11811160064 kb21 tb = 22548578304 kb
2 tb = 2147483648 kb12 tb = 12884901888 kb22 tb = 23622320128 kb
3 tb = 3221225472 kb13 tb = 13958643712 kb23 tb = 24696061952 kb
4 tb = 4294967296 kb14 tb = 15032385536 kb24 tb = 25769803776 kb
5 tb = 5368709120 kb15 tb = 16106127360 kb25 tb = 26843545600 kb
6 tb = 6442450944 kb16 tb = 17179869184 kb26 tb = 27917287424 kb
7 tb = 7516192768 kb17 tb = 18253611008 kb27 tb = 28991029248 kb
8 tb = 8589934592 kb18 tb = 19327352832 kb28 tb = 30064771072 kb
9 tb = 9663676416 kb19 tb = 20401094656 kb29 tb = 31138512896 kb
10 tb = 10737418240 kb20 tb = 21474836480 kb30 tb = 32212254720 kb
40 tb = 42949672960 kb70 tb = 75161927680 kb100 tb = 107374182400 kb
50 tb = 53687091200 kb80 tb = 85899345920 kb110 tb = 118111600640 kb
60 tb = 64424509440 kb90 tb = 96636764160 kb120 tb = 128849018880 kb
200 tb = 214748364800 kb500 tb = 536870912000 kb800 tb = 858993459200 kb
300 tb = 322122547200 kb600 tb = 644245094400 kb900 tb = 966367641600 kb
400 tb = 429496729600 kb700 tb = 751619276800 kb1000 tb = 1073741824000 kb


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