Conversion Erg to Joule

An erg (short for ergon, a Greek word meaning 'work') is a unit of energy and mechanical work equal to 10-7 joules.

This tool converts erg to joules (erg to j) and vice versa. 1 erg = 1.0E-7 joules. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 erg = 1.0E-7 joules


Formula erg in joules (erg in j). Joules = erg*1.0E-7


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Table erg to joules
1 erg = 1.0E-7 joules11 erg = 1.1E-6 joules21 erg = 2.1E-6 joules
2 erg = 2.0E-7 joules12 erg = 1.2E-6 joules22 erg = 2.2E-6 joules
3 erg = 3.0E-7 joules13 erg = 1.3E-6 joules23 erg = 2.3E-6 joules
4 erg = 4.0E-7 joules14 erg = 1.4E-6 joules24 erg = 2.4E-6 joules
5 erg = 5.0E-7 joules15 erg = 1.5E-6 joules25 erg = 2.5E-6 joules
6 erg = 6.0E-7 joules16 erg = 1.6E-6 joules26 erg = 2.6E-6 joules
7 erg = 7.0E-7 joules17 erg = 1.7E-6 joules27 erg = 2.7E-6 joules
8 erg = 8.0E-7 joules18 erg = 1.8E-6 joules28 erg = 2.8E-6 joules
9 erg = 9.0E-7 joules19 erg = 1.9E-6 joules29 erg = 2.9E-6 joules
10 erg = 1.0E-6 joules20 erg = 2.0E-6 joules30 erg = 3.0E-6 joules
40 erg = 4.0E-6 joules70 erg = 7.0E-6 joules100 erg = 1.0E-5 joules
50 erg = 5.0E-6 joules80 erg = 8.0E-6 joules110 erg = 1.1E-5 joules
60 erg = 6.0E-6 joules90 erg = 9.0E-6 joules120 erg = 1.2E-5 joules
200 erg = 2.0E-5 joules500 erg = 5.0E-5 joules800 erg = 8.0E-5 joules
300 erg = 3.0E-5 joules600 erg = 6.0E-5 joules900 erg = 9.0E-5 joules
400 erg = 4.0E-5 joules700 erg = 7.0E-5 joules1000 erg = 0.0001 joules


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