Conversion Cubic meter per hour to Liter per second

To convert cubic meters per hour to liters per second, you must divide the cubic meters per hour by 3.6 or multiply cubic meters per hour by approximately 0.2778.

To convert cubic meters per hour to liters per second, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Convert cubic meters to liters: 1 cubic meter is equal to 1000 liters.

  2. Convert hours to seconds: There are 3600 seconds in an hour.

Here's the formula for the conversion:

Liters per second =  Cubic meters per hour × 1000  3600 

For example, if you want to convert 1 cubic meter per hour to liters per second:

Liters per second =  1  cubic meter per hour × 1000  3600   0.2778  liters per second 

Tool converts cubic meters per hour to liters per second

This tool converts cubic meters per hour to liters per second (m3/h to lt/s) and vice versa. 1 cubic meter per hour ≈ 0.2778 liters per second. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 cubic meters per hour = 0.2778 liters per second


Formula cubic meters per hour in liters per second (m3/h in lt/s). Lt/s ≈ m3/h*0.2778


How to convert 5 cubic meters per hour to liters per second?

To convert 5 cubic meters per hour to liters per second, follow these steps:

  1. Convert cubic meters to liters: 1 cubic meter is equal to 1000 liters.

  2. Convert hours to seconds: There are 3600 seconds in an hour.

Here's the formula for the conversion:

Liters per second =   Cubic meters per hour × 1000   3600  

For 5 cubic meters per hour, the calculation is:

Liters per second =   5  cubic meters per hour × 1000   3600   =  5000 3600    1.3889  liters per second  

So, 5 cubic meters per hour is approximately 1.3889 liters per second.



How many liters per second are 20 cubic meters per hour?

20 cubic meters per hour is approximately 5.556 liters per second.

Here's the calculation:

Liters per second =   Cubic meters per hour × 1000   3600  

For 20 cubic meters per hour, the calculation is:

Liters per second =   20  cubic meters per hour × 1000   3600   =  20000 3600    5.5556  liters per second  



Common conversions between cubic meters per hour and liters per second


Cubic Meters/Hour to Liters/Second
1 m³/hr = 0.278 L/s
2 m³/hr = 0.556 L/s
3 m³/hr = 0.833 L/s
4 m³/hr = 1.111 L/s
5 m³/hr = 1.389 L/s
6 m³/hr = 1.667 L/s
7 m³/hr = 1.944 L/s
8 m³/hr = 2.222 L/s
9 m³/hr = 2.500 L/s
10 m³/hr = 2.778 L/s




Conversions cubic meters per hour to other units

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Cubic meter/h to Liter/d Cubic meter/h to Cubic meter/s Cubic meter/h to Cubic meter/m
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Cubic meter/h to Barrel/m Cubic meter/h to Barrel/h Cubic meter/h to Barrel/d


Table m3/h to lt/s
1 m3/h = 0.2778 lt/s 11 m3/h = 3.0556 lt/s 21 m3/h = 5.8333 lt/s
2 m3/h = 0.5556 lt/s 12 m3/h = 3.3333 lt/s 22 m3/h = 6.1111 lt/s
3 m3/h = 0.8333 lt/s 13 m3/h = 3.6111 lt/s 23 m3/h = 6.3889 lt/s
4 m3/h = 1.1111 lt/s 14 m3/h = 3.8889 lt/s 24 m3/h = 6.6667 lt/s
5 m3/h = 1.3889 lt/s 15 m3/h = 4.1667 lt/s 25 m3/h = 6.9444 lt/s
6 m3/h = 1.6667 lt/s 16 m3/h = 4.4444 lt/s 26 m3/h = 7.2222 lt/s
7 m3/h = 1.9444 lt/s 17 m3/h = 4.7222 lt/s 27 m3/h = 7.5 lt/s
8 m3/h = 2.2222 lt/s 18 m3/h = 5 lt/s 28 m3/h = 7.7778 lt/s
9 m3/h = 2.5 lt/s 19 m3/h = 5.2778 lt/s 29 m3/h = 8.0556 lt/s
10 m3/h = 2.7778 lt/s 20 m3/h = 5.5556 lt/s 30 m3/h = 8.3333 lt/s
40 m3/h = 11.1111 lt/s 70 m3/h = 19.4444 lt/s 100 m3/h = 27.7778 lt/s
50 m3/h = 13.8889 lt/s 80 m3/h = 22.2222 lt/s 110 m3/h = 30.5556 lt/s
60 m3/h = 16.6667 lt/s 90 m3/h = 25 lt/s 120 m3/h = 33.3333 lt/s
200 m3/h = 55.5556 lt/s500 m3/h = 138.889 lt/s800 m3/h = 222.222 lt/s
300 m3/h = 83.3333 lt/s600 m3/h = 166.667 lt/s900 m3/h = 250 lt/s
400 m3/h = 111.111 lt/s700 m3/h = 194.444 lt/s1000 m3/h = 277.778 lt/s


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