Conversion Liter per second to Gallon per minute(US)

To convert liters per second to gallons per minute, you must multiply liters per second by approximately 15.85.

To convert from liters per second (L/s) to gallons per minute (gal/min), you can use the following conversion factors:

  • 1 liter is approximately equal to 0.2642 gallons (US).

  • 1 minute is 60 seconds.

The formula to convert liters per second to gallons per minute is:

gal/min = L/s × 0.2642 × 60 = L/s x 15.85

For example, if you want to convert 2 liters per second to gallons per minute:

gal/min = 2L/s × 0.2642 × 60 = 31.7gal/min

So, 2 liters per second is approximately 31.7 gallons per minute.

This tool converts liters per second to gallons per minute (lt/s to gal/m) and vice versa. 1 liter per second = 15.850323141489 gallons per minute. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 liters per second = 15.8503 gallons per minute


Formula liters per second in gallons per minute (lt/s in gal/m). Gal/m = lt/s*15.850323141489


How many gallons per minute is 15 liters per second?

15 liters per second is approximately 237.75 gallons per minute. ​​

15 L/s = 15 x 15.85 = 237.75 gal/min



Which is the larger unit, liters per second or gallons per minute?

To determine which unit is larger, liters per second (L/s) or gallons per minute (gal/min), we need to compare them directly. We know that 1 liter per second is equivalent to approximately 15.85 gallons per minute (since 1 L/s equals about 0.2642 gallons per second and there are 60 seconds in a minute).

Thus, 1 liter per second is larger than 1 gallon per minute. Therefore, liters per second is the larger unit compared to gallons per minute.



Common conversions between liters per second and gallons per minute


1 L/s = 15.85 gal/min
2 L/s = 31.70 gal/min
3 L/s = 47.55 gal/min
4 L/s = 63.40 gal/min
5 L/s = 79.25 gal/min
6 L/s = 95.10 gal/min
7 L/s = 110.95 gal/min
8 L/s = 126.80 gal/min
9 L/s = 142.65 gal/min
10 L/s = 158.50 gal/min



How many gallons (US) per minute are 1 liter per second?

1 liter per second = 15.8503 gallons per minute. 1 lps is 15.8503 gpm. Gallons (US) per minute and liters per second are units that people measures the flow.

Convert lps to gpm

'GPM' stands for 'gallons per minute'. 'LPS' stands for 'liters per second'. So to convert liters per second to gallons per minute, multiply gallons per minute by 15.8503.


Conversions liters per second to other units

Liter/s to Liter/m Liter/s to Liter/h Liter/s to Liter/d
Liter/s to Cubic meter/s Liter/s to Cubic meter/m Liter/s to Cubic meter/h
Liter/s to Cubic meter/d Liter/s to Gallon/s Liter/s to Gallon/m
Liter/s to Gallon/h Liter/s to Gallon/d Liter/s to Barrel/s
Liter/s to Barrel/m Liter/s to Barrel/h Liter/s to Barrel/d


Table lt/s to gal/m
1 lt/s = 15.8503 gal/m 11 lt/s = 174.354 gal/m 21 lt/s = 332.857 gal/m
2 lt/s = 31.7006 gal/m 12 lt/s = 190.204 gal/m 22 lt/s = 348.707 gal/m
3 lt/s = 47.551 gal/m 13 lt/s = 206.054 gal/m 23 lt/s = 364.557 gal/m
4 lt/s = 63.4013 gal/m 14 lt/s = 221.905 gal/m 24 lt/s = 380.408 gal/m
5 lt/s = 79.2516 gal/m 15 lt/s = 237.755 gal/m 25 lt/s = 396.258 gal/m
6 lt/s = 95.1019 gal/m 16 lt/s = 253.605 gal/m 26 lt/s = 412.108 gal/m
7 lt/s = 110.952 gal/m 17 lt/s = 269.455 gal/m 27 lt/s = 427.959 gal/m
8 lt/s = 126.803 gal/m 18 lt/s = 285.306 gal/m 28 lt/s = 443.809 gal/m
9 lt/s = 142.653 gal/m 19 lt/s = 301.156 gal/m 29 lt/s = 459.659 gal/m
10 lt/s = 158.503 gal/m 20 lt/s = 317.006 gal/m 30 lt/s = 475.51 gal/m
40 lt/s = 634.013 gal/m 70 lt/s = 1109.52 gal/m 100 lt/s = 1585.03 gal/m
50 lt/s = 792.516 gal/m 80 lt/s = 1268.03 gal/m 110 lt/s = 1743.54 gal/m
60 lt/s = 951.019 gal/m 90 lt/s = 1426.53 gal/m 120 lt/s = 1902.04 gal/m
200 lt/s = 3170.06 gal/m500 lt/s = 7925.16 gal/m800 lt/s = 12680.3 gal/m
300 lt/s = 4755.1 gal/m600 lt/s = 9510.19 gal/m900 lt/s = 14265.3 gal/m
400 lt/s = 6340.13 gal/m700 lt/s = 11095.2 gal/m1000 lt/s = 15850.3 gal/m


Flow Conversions

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Cubic meter/h to Cubic meter/d Cubic meter/h to Gals/s Cubic meter/h to Gallons/m
Cubic meter/h to Gallons/h Cubic meter/h to Gallons/d Cubic meter/h to Barrels/s
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Cubic meter/d to Liter/d Cubic meter/d to Cubic meter/s Cubic meter/d to Cubic meter/m
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Cubic meter/d to Gallons/h Cubic meter/d to Gallons/d Cubic meter/d to Barrels/s
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Gallons/d to Liter/d Gallons/d to Cubic meter/s Gallons/d to Cubic meter/m
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Gallons/d to Barrels/m Gallons/d to Barrels/h Gallons/d to Barrels/d
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Barrels/m to Liter/d Barrels/m to Cubic meter/s Barrels/m to Cubic meter/m
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Barrels/h to Liter/s Barrels/h to Liter/m Barrels/h to Liter/h
Barrels/h to Liter/d Barrels/h to Cubic meter/s Barrels/h to Cubic meter/m
Barrels/h to Cubic meter/h Barrels/h to Cubic meter/d Barrels/h to Gals/s
Barrels/h to Gallons/m Barrels/h to Gallons/h Barrels/h to Gallons/d
Barrels/h to Barrels/s Barrels/h to Barrels/m Barrels/h to Barrels/d
Barrels/d to Liter/s Barrels/d to Liter/m Barrels/d to Liter/h
Barrels/d to Liter/d Barrels/d to Cubic meter/s Barrels/d to Cubic meter/m
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