Conversion Liter per second to Liter per day

To convert liters per second to liters per day, you must multiply liters per second by approximately 86400.

Liters per day=Liters per second×86400

For example, if you want to convert 1 liter per second to liters per day:

Liters per day = 1  L/s × 86400  s/day = 86400  L/day   {"language":"en"}  

So, 1 liter per second is equivalent to 86400 liters per day.



1 liters per second = 86400 liters per day


Formula liters per second in liters per day (lt/s in lt/d). Lt/d = lt/s*86400


How to convert 4 liters per second to liters per day?

There are 345600 liters in 4 liters per second converted to liters per day.

To convert 4 liters per second to liters per day:

4  L/s × 86400  s/day = 345600  L/day   4 \, \text{L/s} \times 86400 \, \text{s/day} = 345600 \, \text{L/day}  



How many liters per day are 20 liters per second?

20 liters per second is equivalent to 1728000 liters per day.



Common conversions between liters per second and liters per day


1 liters per second = 86400 liters per day
2 liters per second = 172800 liters per day
5 liters per second = 432000 liters per day
10 liters per second = 864000 liters per day
20 liters per second = 1728000 liters per day
50 liters per second = 4320000 liters per day
100 liters per second = 8640000 liters per day
200 liters per second = 17280000 liters per day
500 liters per second = 43200000 liters per day
1000 liters per second = 86400000 liters per day




Conversions liters per second to other units

Liter/s to Liter/m Liter/s to Liter/h Liter/s to Liter/d
Liter/s to Cubic meter/s Liter/s to Cubic meter/m Liter/s to Cubic meter/h
Liter/s to Cubic meter/d Liter/s to Gallon/s Liter/s to Gallon/m
Liter/s to Gallon/h Liter/s to Gallon/d Liter/s to Barrel/s
Liter/s to Barrel/m Liter/s to Barrel/h Liter/s to Barrel/d


Table lt/s to lt/d
1 lt/s = 86400 lt/d 11 lt/s = 950400 lt/d 21 lt/s = 1814400 lt/d
2 lt/s = 172800 lt/d 12 lt/s = 1036800 lt/d 22 lt/s = 1900800 lt/d
3 lt/s = 259200 lt/d 13 lt/s = 1123200 lt/d 23 lt/s = 1987200 lt/d
4 lt/s = 345600 lt/d 14 lt/s = 1209600 lt/d 24 lt/s = 2073600 lt/d
5 lt/s = 432000 lt/d 15 lt/s = 1296000 lt/d 25 lt/s = 2160000 lt/d
6 lt/s = 518400 lt/d 16 lt/s = 1382400 lt/d 26 lt/s = 2246400 lt/d
7 lt/s = 604800 lt/d 17 lt/s = 1468800 lt/d 27 lt/s = 2332800 lt/d
8 lt/s = 691200 lt/d 18 lt/s = 1555200 lt/d 28 lt/s = 2419200 lt/d
9 lt/s = 777600 lt/d 19 lt/s = 1641600 lt/d 29 lt/s = 2505600 lt/d
10 lt/s = 864000 lt/d 20 lt/s = 1728000 lt/d 30 lt/s = 2592000 lt/d
40 lt/s = 3456000 lt/d 70 lt/s = 6048000 lt/d 100 lt/s = 8640000 lt/d
50 lt/s = 4320000 lt/d 80 lt/s = 6912000 lt/d 110 lt/s = 9504000 lt/d
60 lt/s = 5184000 lt/d 90 lt/s = 7776000 lt/d 120 lt/s = 10368000 lt/d
200 lt/s = 17280000 lt/d500 lt/s = 43200000 lt/d800 lt/s = 69120000 lt/d
300 lt/s = 25920000 lt/d600 lt/s = 51840000 lt/d900 lt/s = 77760000 lt/d
400 lt/s = 34560000 lt/d700 lt/s = 60480000 lt/d1000 lt/s = 86400000 lt/d


Flow Conversions

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Cubic meter/m to Gallons/h Cubic meter/m to Gallons/d Cubic meter/m to Barrels/s
Cubic meter/m to Barrels/m Cubic meter/m to Barrels/h Cubic meter/m to Barrels/d
Cubic meter/h to Liter/s Cubic meter/h to Liter/m Cubic meter/h to Liter/h
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Cubic meter/h to Gallons/h Cubic meter/h to Gallons/d Cubic meter/h to Barrels/s
Cubic meter/h to Barrels/m Cubic meter/h to Barrels/h Cubic meter/h to Barrels/d
Cubic meter/d to Liter/s Cubic meter/d to Liter/m Cubic meter/d to Liter/h
Cubic meter/d to Liter/d Cubic meter/d to Cubic meter/s Cubic meter/d to Cubic meter/m
Cubic meter/d to Cubic meter/h Cubic meter/d to Gals/s Cubic meter/d to Gallons/m
Cubic meter/d to Gallons/h Cubic meter/d to Gallons/d Cubic meter/d to Barrels/s
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Gals/s to Liter/d Gals/s to Cubic meter/s Gals/s to Cubic meter/m
Gals/s to Cubic meter/h Gals/s to Cubic meter/d Gals/s to Gallons/m
Gals/s to Gallons/h Gals/s to Gallons/d Gals/s to Barrels/s
Gals/s to Barrels/m Gals/s to Barrels/h Gals/s to Barrels/d
Gallons/m to Liter/s Gallons/m to Liter/m Gallons/m to Liter/h
Gallons/m to Liter/d Gallons/m to Cubic meter/s Gallons/m to Cubic meter/m
Gallons/m to Cubic meter/h Gallons/m to Cubic meter/d Gallons/m to Gals/s
Gallons/m to Gallons/h Gallons/m to Gallons/d Gallons/m to Barrels/s
Gallons/m to Barrels/m Gallons/m to Barrels/h Gallons/m to Barrels/d
Gallons/h to Liter/s Gallons/h to Liter/m Gallons/h to Liter/h
Gallons/h to Liter/d Gallons/h to Cubic meter/s Gallons/h to Cubic meter/m
Gallons/h to Cubic meter/h Gallons/h to Cubic meter/d Gallons/h to Gals/s
Gallons/h to Gallons/m Gallons/h to Gallons/d Gallons/h to Barrels/s
Gallons/h to Barrels/m Gallons/h to Barrels/h Gallons/h to Barrels/d
Gallons/d to Liter/s Gallons/d to Liter/m Gallons/d to Liter/h
Gallons/d to Liter/d Gallons/d to Cubic meter/s Gallons/d to Cubic meter/m
Gallons/d to Cubic meter/h Gallons/d to Cubic meter/d Gallons/d to Gals/s
Gallons/d to Gallons/m Gallons/d to Gallons/h Gallons/d to Barrels/s
Gallons/d to Barrels/m Gallons/d to Barrels/h Gallons/d to Barrels/d
Barrels/s to Liter/s Barrels/s to Liter/m Barrels/s to Liter/h
Barrels/s to Liter/d Barrels/s to Cubic meter/s Barrels/s to Cubic meter/m
Barrels/s to Cubic meter/h Barrels/s to Cubic meter/d Barrels/s to Gals/s
Barrels/s to Gallons/m Barrels/s to Gallons/h Barrels/s to Gallons/d
Barrels/s to Barrels/m Barrels/s to Barrels/h Barrels/s to Barrels/d
Barrels/m to Liter/s Barrels/m to Liter/m Barrels/m to Liter/h
Barrels/m to Liter/d Barrels/m to Cubic meter/s Barrels/m to Cubic meter/m
Barrels/m to Cubic meter/h Barrels/m to Cubic meter/d Barrels/m to Gals/s
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Barrels/h to Liter/s Barrels/h to Liter/m Barrels/h to Liter/h
Barrels/h to Liter/d Barrels/h to Cubic meter/s Barrels/h to Cubic meter/m
Barrels/h to Cubic meter/h Barrels/h to Cubic meter/d Barrels/h to Gals/s
Barrels/h to Gallons/m Barrels/h to Gallons/h Barrels/h to Gallons/d
Barrels/h to Barrels/s Barrels/h to Barrels/m Barrels/h to Barrels/d
Barrels/d to Liter/s Barrels/d to Liter/m Barrels/d to Liter/h
Barrels/d to Liter/d Barrels/d to Cubic meter/s Barrels/d to Cubic meter/m
Barrels/d to Cubic meter/h Barrels/d to Cubic meter/d Barrels/d to Gals/s
Barrels/d to Gallons/m Barrels/d to Gallons/h Barrels/d to Gallons/d
Barrels/d to Barrels/s Barrels/d to Barrels/m Barrels/d to Barrels/h