How many ounces in a short-ton? Short tons to Ounces calculator.

The short ton is a unit of mass equal to 2000 pounds (907.18474 kg), that is most commonly used in the United States - known there simply as the ton.

This tool converts short tons to ounces (short ton to oz) and vice versa. 1 short ton = 32000 ounces. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 short tons = 32000 ounces


Formula short tons in ounces (short ton in oz). Oz = short ton*32000


Conversions short tons to other units

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Table short tons to ounces
1 short tons = 32000 ounces11 short tons = 352000 ounces21 short tons = 672000 ounces
2 short tons = 64000 ounces12 short tons = 384000 ounces22 short tons = 704000 ounces
3 short tons = 96000 ounces13 short tons = 416000 ounces23 short tons = 736000 ounces
4 short tons = 128000 ounces14 short tons = 448000 ounces24 short tons = 768000 ounces
5 short tons = 160000 ounces15 short tons = 480000 ounces25 short tons = 800000 ounces
6 short tons = 192000 ounces16 short tons = 512000 ounces26 short tons = 832000 ounces
7 short tons = 224000 ounces17 short tons = 544000 ounces27 short tons = 864000 ounces
8 short tons = 256000 ounces18 short tons = 576000 ounces28 short tons = 896000 ounces
9 short tons = 288000 ounces19 short tons = 608000 ounces29 short tons = 928000 ounces
10 short tons = 320000 ounces20 short tons = 640000 ounces30 short tons = 960000 ounces
40 short tons = 1280000 ounces70 short tons = 2240000 ounces100 short tons = 3200000 ounces
50 short tons = 1600000 ounces80 short tons = 2560000 ounces110 short tons = 3520000 ounces
60 short tons = 1920000 ounces90 short tons = 2880000 ounces120 short tons = 3840000 ounces
200 short tons = 6400000 ounces500 short tons = 16000000 ounces800 short tons = 25600000 ounces
300 short tons = 9600000 ounces600 short tons = 19200000 ounces900 short tons = 28800000 ounces
400 short tons = 12800000 ounces700 short tons = 22400000 ounces1000 short tons = 32000000 ounces


Mass - Weight Conversions

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