Conversion Gram meter to Ounce inch

A gram-meter (g·m) is a unit of torque. One gram-meter is the torque created by one gram force acting at a perpendicular distance of one meter from a pivot point.

This tool converts gram meter to ounce inch (g·m to oz·in) and vice versa. 1 gram meter ≈ 1.3887 ounce inch. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 gram meter = 1.3887 ounce inch


Formula gram meter in ounce inch (g·m in oz·in). Ounce inch ≈ gram meter*1.3887


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Table gram meter to ounce inch
1 g·m = 1.3887 oz·in11 g·m = 15.2761 oz·in21 g·m = 29.1635 oz·in
2 g·m = 2.7775 oz·in12 g·m = 16.6649 oz·in22 g·m = 30.5523 oz·in
3 g·m = 4.1662 oz·in13 g·m = 18.0536 oz·in23 g·m = 31.941 oz·in
4 g·m = 5.555 oz·in14 g·m = 19.4423 oz·in24 g·m = 33.3297 oz·in
5 g·m = 6.9437 oz·in15 g·m = 20.8311 oz·in25 g·m = 34.7185 oz·in
6 g·m = 8.3324 oz·in16 g·m = 22.2198 oz·in26 g·m = 36.1072 oz·in
7 g·m = 9.7212 oz·in17 g·m = 23.6086 oz·in27 g·m = 37.4959 oz·in
8 g·m = 11.1099 oz·in18 g·m = 24.9973 oz·in28 g·m = 38.8847 oz·in
9 g·m = 12.4986 oz·in19 g·m = 26.386 oz·in29 g·m = 40.2734 oz·in
10 g·m = 13.8874 oz·in20 g·m = 27.7748 oz·in30 g·m = 41.6622 oz·in
40 g·m = 55.5495 oz·in70 g·m = 97.2117 oz·in100 g·m = 138.874 oz·in
50 g·m = 69.4369 oz·in80 g·m = 111.099 oz·in110 g·m = 152.761 oz·in
60 g·m = 83.3243 oz·in90 g·m = 124.986 oz·in120 g·m = 166.649 oz·in
200 g·m = 277.748 oz·in500 g·m = 694.369 oz·in800 g·m = 1110.99 oz·in
300 g·m = 416.622 oz·in600 g·m = 833.243 oz·in900 g·m = 1249.86 oz·in
400 g·m = 555.495 oz·in700 g·m = 972.117 oz·in1000 g·m = 1388.74 oz·in


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