VAT calculator

VAT stands for Value Added Tax. Use the VAT calculation tool as follows. Fill in the initial price (price without VAT) and the VAT rate (0-100) to see the final price (price with VAT). You can also do the reverse process. Find the price without VAT, if you know the final price. Fill in the final price (price with VAT) and the VAT rate (0-100), to see the initial price (price without VAT). The price without VAT is called net price and the final price (price with VAT) is called gross price.

Initial price
VAT (%)
Final price

Formula VAT calculator - calculate final price with VAT (fill in initial price and VAT)

Final = Initial * (1 +
VAT / 100

VAT value = Initial *
VAT / 100

Formula reverse VAT calculator - calculate price without VAT (fill in final price and VAT)

Initial =
Final / 1+VAT/100

VAT calculator, add VAT

The price of a product consists of the initial price, plus VAT. VAT is obtained by multiplying the price of the product by the percentage of VAT.

Final = Initial * (1 + VAT/100)

Reverse VAT calculator, remove VAT

To find the price of the product without VAT, we divide the final price by the sum of 1 plus VAT percentage.

Initial = Final / (1 + VAT / 100)