Conversion Gram to Long ton

The gram (abbreviation g) is a metric system unit of mass. A gram is defined as one-thousandth of the SI base unit, the kilogram.

This tool converts grams to long tons (g to long ton) and vice versa. 1 gram ≈ 9.842E-7 long tons. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 grams = 9.842E-7 long tons


Formula grams in long tons (g in long ton). Long ton = gram/1016046.9088 ≈ gram*9.842E-7


Conversions grams to other units

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Table grams to long tons
1 grams = 9.842E-7 long tons11 grams = 1.083E-5 long tons21 grams = 2.067E-5 long tons
2 grams = 1.968E-6 long tons12 grams = 1.181E-5 long tons22 grams = 2.165E-5 long tons
3 grams = 2.953E-6 long tons13 grams = 1.279E-5 long tons23 grams = 2.264E-5 long tons
4 grams = 3.937E-6 long tons14 grams = 1.378E-5 long tons24 grams = 2.362E-5 long tons
5 grams = 4.921E-6 long tons15 grams = 1.476E-5 long tons25 grams = 2.461E-5 long tons
6 grams = 5.905E-6 long tons16 grams = 1.575E-5 long tons26 grams = 2.559E-5 long tons
7 grams = 6.889E-6 long tons17 grams = 1.673E-5 long tons27 grams = 2.657E-5 long tons
8 grams = 7.874E-6 long tons18 grams = 1.772E-5 long tons28 grams = 2.756E-5 long tons
9 grams = 8.858E-6 long tons19 grams = 1.87E-5 long tons29 grams = 2.854E-5 long tons
10 grams = 9.842E-6 long tons20 grams = 1.968E-5 long tons30 grams = 2.953E-5 long tons
40 grams = 3.937E-5 long tons70 grams = 6.889E-5 long tons100 grams = 9.842E-5 long tons
50 grams = 4.921E-5 long tons80 grams = 7.874E-5 long tons110 grams = 0.0001083 long tons
60 grams = 5.905E-5 long tons90 grams = 8.858E-5 long tons120 grams = 0.0001181 long tons
200 grams = 0.0001968 long tons500 grams = 0.0004921 long tons800 grams = 0.0007874 long tons
300 grams = 0.0002953 long tons600 grams = 0.0005905 long tons900 grams = 0.0008858 long tons
400 grams = 0.0003937 long tons700 grams = 0.0006889 long tons1000 grams = 0.0009842 long tons


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