How many stones in a kilogram? Kilograms to Stones calculator.

The kilogram is a unit of mass, a property which corresponds to the common perception of how 'heavy' an object is. The kilogram or kilogramme (SI unit symbol: kg; SI dimension symbol: M), is the base unit of mass in the International System of Units (SI) and is defined as being equal to the mass of the International Prototype of the Kilogram (IPK).

This tool converts kilograms to stones (kg to stone) and vice versa. 1 kilogram ≈ 0.1575 stones. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 kilograms = 0.1575 stones


Formula kilograms in stones (kg in stone). Stone = kg/6.35029318 ≈ kg*0.1575


Conversions kilograms to other units

Kilogram to Pound Kilogram to Ounce Kilogram to Gram
Kilogram to Milligram Kilogram to Tonne Kilogram to Short ton
Kilogram to Long ton Kilogram to Carat Kilogram to Stone


Table kilograms to stones
1 kilograms = 0.1575 stones11 kilograms = 1.7322 stones21 kilograms = 3.3069 stones
2 kilograms = 0.3149 stones12 kilograms = 1.8897 stones22 kilograms = 3.4644 stones
3 kilograms = 0.4724 stones13 kilograms = 2.0471 stones23 kilograms = 3.6219 stones
4 kilograms = 0.6299 stones14 kilograms = 2.2046 stones24 kilograms = 3.7794 stones
5 kilograms = 0.7874 stones15 kilograms = 2.3621 stones25 kilograms = 3.9368 stones
6 kilograms = 0.9448 stones16 kilograms = 2.5196 stones26 kilograms = 4.0943 stones
7 kilograms = 1.1023 stones17 kilograms = 2.677 stones27 kilograms = 4.2518 stones
8 kilograms = 1.2598 stones18 kilograms = 2.8345 stones28 kilograms = 4.4092 stones
9 kilograms = 1.4173 stones19 kilograms = 2.992 stones29 kilograms = 4.5667 stones
10 kilograms = 1.5747 stones20 kilograms = 3.1495 stones30 kilograms = 4.7242 stones
40 kilograms = 6.2989 stones70 kilograms = 11.0231 stones100 kilograms = 15.7473 stones
50 kilograms = 7.8737 stones80 kilograms = 12.5978 stones110 kilograms = 17.322 stones
60 kilograms = 9.4484 stones90 kilograms = 14.1726 stones120 kilograms = 18.8968 stones
200 kilograms = 31.4946 stones500 kilograms = 78.7365 stones800 kilograms = 125.978 stones
300 kilograms = 47.2419 stones600 kilograms = 94.4838 stones900 kilograms = 141.726 stones
400 kilograms = 62.9892 stones700 kilograms = 110.231 stones1000 kilograms = 157.473 stones


Mass - Weight Conversions

Pound to Kilogram Pound to Ounce Pound to Gram
Pound to Milligram Pound to Tonne Pound to Short ton
Pound to Long ton Pound to Carat Pound to Stone
Ounce to Kilogram Ounce to Pound Ounce to Gram
Ounce to Milligram Ounce to Tonne Ounce to Short ton
Ounce to Long ton Ounce to Carat Ounce to Stone
Gram to Kilogram Gram to Pound Gram to Ounce
Gram to Milligram Gram to Tonne Gram to Short ton
Gram to Long ton Gram to Carat Gram to Stone
Milligram to Kilogram Milligram to Pound Milligram to Ounce
Milligram to Gram Milligram to Tonne Milligram to Short ton
Milligram to Long ton Milligram to Carat Milligram to Stone
Tonne to Kilogram Tonne to Pound Tonne to Ounce
Tonne to Gram Tonne to Milligram Tonne to Short ton
Tonne to Long ton Tonne to Carat Tonne to Stone
Short ton to Kilogram Short ton to Pound Short ton to Ounce
Short ton to Gram Short ton to Milligram Short ton to Tonne
Short ton to Long ton Short ton to Carat Short ton to Stone
Long ton to Kilogram Long ton to Pound Long ton to Ounce
Long ton to Gram Long ton to Milligram Long ton to Tonne
Long ton to Short ton Long ton to Carat Long ton to Stone
Carat to Kilogram Carat to Pound Carat to Ounce
Carat to Gram Carat to Milligram Carat to Tonne
Carat to Short ton Carat to Long ton Carat to Stone
Stone to Kilogram Stone to Pound Stone to Ounce
Stone to Gram Stone to Milligram Stone to Tonne
Stone to Short ton Stone to Long ton Stone to Carat