Conversion Gram meter to Pound foot

A gram-meter (g·m) is a unit of torque. One gram-meter is the torque created by one gram force acting at a perpendicular distance of one meter from a pivot point.

This tool converts gram meter to pound foot (g·m to lb·ft) and vice versa. 1 gram meter ≈ 0.007233 pound foot. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 gram meter = 0.007233 pound foot


Formula gram meter in pound foot (g·m in lb·ft). Pound foot = gram meter*9.80665/1355.8179483314004 ≈ gram meter*0.007233


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Table gram meter to pound foot
1 g·m = 0.007233 lb·ft11 g·m = 0.07956 lb·ft21 g·m = 0.1519 lb·ft
2 g·m = 0.01447 lb·ft12 g·m = 0.0868 lb·ft22 g·m = 0.1591 lb·ft
3 g·m = 0.0217 lb·ft13 g·m = 0.09403 lb·ft23 g·m = 0.1664 lb·ft
4 g·m = 0.02893 lb·ft14 g·m = 0.1013 lb·ft24 g·m = 0.1736 lb·ft
5 g·m = 0.03617 lb·ft15 g·m = 0.1085 lb·ft25 g·m = 0.1808 lb·ft
6 g·m = 0.0434 lb·ft16 g·m = 0.1157 lb·ft26 g·m = 0.1881 lb·ft
7 g·m = 0.05063 lb·ft17 g·m = 0.123 lb·ft27 g·m = 0.1953 lb·ft
8 g·m = 0.05786 lb·ft18 g·m = 0.1302 lb·ft28 g·m = 0.2025 lb·ft
9 g·m = 0.0651 lb·ft19 g·m = 0.1374 lb·ft29 g·m = 0.2098 lb·ft
10 g·m = 0.07233 lb·ft20 g·m = 0.1447 lb·ft30 g·m = 0.217 lb·ft
40 g·m = 0.2893 lb·ft70 g·m = 0.5063 lb·ft100 g·m = 0.7233 lb·ft
50 g·m = 0.3617 lb·ft80 g·m = 0.5786 lb·ft110 g·m = 0.7956 lb·ft
60 g·m = 0.434 lb·ft90 g·m = 0.651 lb·ft120 g·m = 0.868 lb·ft
200 g·m = 1.4466 lb·ft500 g·m = 3.6165 lb·ft800 g·m = 5.7864 lb·ft
300 g·m = 2.1699 lb·ft600 g·m = 4.3398 lb·ft900 g·m = 6.5097 lb·ft
400 g·m = 2.8932 lb·ft700 g·m = 5.0631 lb·ft1000 g·m = 7.233 lb·ft


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