Conversion Newton centimeter to Pound inch

A newton centimeter (Ncm or N·cm) is a unit of torque equal to 0.01 newton metres.

This tool converts newton centimeter to pound inch (ncm to lb·in) and vice versa. 1 newton centimeter ≈ 0.08851 pound inch. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 newton centimeter = 0.08851 pound inch


Formula newton centimeter in pound inch (ncm in lb·in). Pound inch = ncm*12/135.58179483314004 ≈ ncm*0.08851


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Table ncm to pound inch
1 ncm = 0.08851 pound inch11 ncm = 0.9736 pound inch21 ncm = 1.8587 pound inch
2 ncm = 0.177 pound inch12 ncm = 1.0621 pound inch22 ncm = 1.9472 pound inch
3 ncm = 0.2655 pound inch13 ncm = 1.1506 pound inch23 ncm = 2.0357 pound inch
4 ncm = 0.354 pound inch14 ncm = 1.2391 pound inch24 ncm = 2.1242 pound inch
5 ncm = 0.4425 pound inch15 ncm = 1.3276 pound inch25 ncm = 2.2127 pound inch
6 ncm = 0.531 pound inch16 ncm = 1.4161 pound inch26 ncm = 2.3012 pound inch
7 ncm = 0.6196 pound inch17 ncm = 1.5046 pound inch27 ncm = 2.3897 pound inch
8 ncm = 0.7081 pound inch18 ncm = 1.5931 pound inch28 ncm = 2.4782 pound inch
9 ncm = 0.7966 pound inch19 ncm = 1.6816 pound inch29 ncm = 2.5667 pound inch
10 ncm = 0.8851 pound inch20 ncm = 1.7701 pound inch30 ncm = 2.6552 pound inch
40 ncm = 3.5403 pound inch70 ncm = 6.1955 pound inch100 ncm = 8.8507 pound inch
50 ncm = 4.4254 pound inch80 ncm = 7.0806 pound inch110 ncm = 9.7358 pound inch
60 ncm = 5.3104 pound inch90 ncm = 7.9657 pound inch120 ncm = 10.6209 pound inch
200 ncm = 17.7015 pound inch500 ncm = 44.2537 pound inch800 ncm = 70.806 pound inch
300 ncm = 26.5522 pound inch600 ncm = 53.1045 pound inch900 ncm = 79.6567 pound inch
400 ncm = 35.403 pound inch700 ncm = 61.9552 pound inch1000 ncm = 88.5075 pound inch


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