Conversion Kilogram meter to Dyne meter

A kilogram-meter (kg·m) is a unit of torque. One kilogram-meter is the torque created by one kilogram force acting at a perpendicular distance of one meter from a pivot point.

This tool converts kilogram meter to dyne meter (kg·m to dyn·m) and vice versa. 1 kilogram meter = 980665 dyne meter. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically.



1 kilogram meter = 980665 dyne meter


Formula kilogram meter in dyne meter (kg·m in dyn·m). Dyne meter = kilogram meter*980665


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Table kilogram meter to dyne meter
1 kg·m = 980665 dyn·m11 kg·m = 10787315 dyn·m21 kg·m = 20593965 dyn·m
2 kg·m = 1961330 dyn·m12 kg·m = 11767980 dyn·m22 kg·m = 21574630 dyn·m
3 kg·m = 2941995 dyn·m13 kg·m = 12748645 dyn·m23 kg·m = 22555295 dyn·m
4 kg·m = 3922660 dyn·m14 kg·m = 13729310 dyn·m24 kg·m = 23535960 dyn·m
5 kg·m = 4903325 dyn·m15 kg·m = 14709975 dyn·m25 kg·m = 24516625 dyn·m
6 kg·m = 5883990 dyn·m16 kg·m = 15690640 dyn·m26 kg·m = 25497290 dyn·m
7 kg·m = 6864655 dyn·m17 kg·m = 16671305 dyn·m27 kg·m = 26477955 dyn·m
8 kg·m = 7845320 dyn·m18 kg·m = 17651970 dyn·m28 kg·m = 27458620 dyn·m
9 kg·m = 8825985 dyn·m19 kg·m = 18632635 dyn·m29 kg·m = 28439285 dyn·m
10 kg·m = 9806650 dyn·m20 kg·m = 19613300 dyn·m30 kg·m = 29419950 dyn·m
40 kg·m = 39226600 dyn·m70 kg·m = 68646550 dyn·m100 kg·m = 98066500 dyn·m
50 kg·m = 49033250 dyn·m80 kg·m = 78453200 dyn·m110 kg·m = 107873150 dyn·m
60 kg·m = 58839900 dyn·m90 kg·m = 88259850 dyn·m120 kg·m = 117679800 dyn·m
200 kg·m = 196133000 dyn·m500 kg·m = 490332500 dyn·m800 kg·m = 784532000 dyn·m
300 kg·m = 294199500 dyn·m600 kg·m = 588399000 dyn·m900 kg·m = 882598500 dyn·m
400 kg·m = 392266000 dyn·m700 kg·m = 686465500 dyn·m1000 kg·m = 980665000 dyn·m


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